Séance For Something EP

by Pale Lights



Pale Lights

Séance for Something EP

Mother Cries
Girl In The Park
Alone In This Room

Recorded and mixed by Gary Olson at Marlborough Farms studios, Brooklyn, Spring
2016. Mastered by Ron Harrity at Peapod Recordings, Portland,

Pale Lights on these recordings are

Philip Sutton: guitars, vocals
Andy Adler: lead guitars
Maria Pace: bass guitars
Lisa Goldstein: drums
Suzanne Nienaber: vocals

Keyboards and saxophone played by Kyle Forester
Piano on Mother Cries by Gary Olson
Thanks to Hamish Kilgour for the tambourine on Mother Cries.
Sleeve art by Kevin Alvir.

Mother Cries is not her crying tears.

All songs written by Philip Sutton ©
Calico Cat Records 2016 ©

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Hands and Arms, Paris: www.handsandarms.com/en/indie-pop/8579-pale-lights-cdep-seance-for-something.html

Norman Records, Leeds, UK: www.normanrecords.com/records/159791-pale-lights-seance-for-something-


"Now on secret or kind of secret news, I had the chance to hear the new EP by fellow New Yorkers Pale Lights. It’s called “Seánce for Something” and it’s coming out on May 23rd. I’m not a hundred percent what format it will be released, I’m guessing as a 7″. I hope so at least. The band is still working on their 2nd LP, and if it’s anything like the beauty I hear on this EP, well, it might be a contender for best album for the year, whatever year it is going to be released. There are four songs in this EP, “Mother Cries”, “Girl in the Park”, “Alone in this Room” and “Sweetheart”. It feels like the sound of the band has gotten more and more layers. And I really enjoy the girl backing vocals in the songs. I think the band is growing better and better!!"
Roque Ruiz, Cloudberry, May 2016

"Those living in the indiepop realm should have known this was coming. Pale Lights have been hinting at new music for some time via their social media outlets, and it’s finally here…thank goodness. I tried to pick a favorite song to put out there, but it’s changed every time I listen to the tracks. “Mother Cries” sounds like early psychedelic pop from the late 60s, while “Alone in this Room” rings of the more modern indie fare I adore. Each track is great, and fulfills on the promise the group displayed in their Before There Were Pictures LP from 2014. "
Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall, May 2016

A Pale Lights release is a cause for celebration. Their previous full album was released nearly two years ago (the nearly flawless “Before There Were Pictures). Now comes Séance For Something EP (CD only). The guitars are certainly a bit crunchier than before.

But make no mistake, this still has a great Felt, Lloyd Cole and The Bats feel (think of the jangly guitar solos in the background). “Alone in This Room” has backing vocals reminiscent of fantastic 70s AOR.
Snooping the Bandcamp

One of my top discoveries of 2014 was Brooklyn's Pale Lights, and their LP from that year, Before There Were Pictures, was on of my top thirty albums of 2014 (link). What makes that band so special? In my view they craft perfect guitar pop/jangle pop that touch on the best influences without mere imitation. The hooks are plentiful, the vocals robust and the sound has the polish of the guitar pop bands whose work lingers longest in the memory of fans, such as Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, The Go-Betweens and Orange Juice. And with that background, I'm happy to report that the band is preparing a new album, and even happier that because they know how impatient we are, they have released a four-song EP to keep us satisfied until the LP is ready.

Titled Seance For Something, the record has four varied pop gems that demonstrate the crew's mastery of guitar pop. The opening "Mother Cries" evokes The Bats and Rattlesnakes-era Lloyd Cole, in the latter instance due in no small part to frontman and songwriter Phil Sutton's vocal similarities to Mr. Cole. I think it is the best song on the EP, but the points are close on my scorecard. The following "Girl In The Park" and "Alone In This Room" bring to mind the heart-tugging and bittersweet gems from The Go-Betweens and The Lucksmiths. The EP closes with "Sweetheart", which sounds like The Bats with an added element of '60s California country rock. The songs are substantial and varied, and show Pale Lights to be one of the top level guitar pop bands on the scene.
When You Motor Away...

Another release that’s been furiously adoring about in our sound space since appearing on our radar yesterday evening is this quite affectionately infectious four track treat from Pale Lights who I’m prone to adamantly swear we’ve featured in passing in previous postings, yet can we find the relevant credits. What we love about the ‘séance for something’ EP is that it appears to be singing from a different musical sheet from everyone else, at its core a smoking cool craft hued in hushed harmonies, the delicate deft ghosting of melodies fermented in a breezy countrified vintage and an ear candy radiance that nods to a song writing golden age. Peppered here in the honeycombed alchemy amid the sun fried chime of jangling riff chimes caresses an oddly familiar and timeless turn of pop phrasing that sparkles with subtle 60’s overtones that are bubble grooved in the feint likeness of MOR dialects and the subtle flash of soft psych washes evidence of such indelibly book ended by the opening ‘mother cries’ and the closing ‘sweetheart’ – the former draped and drenched in an effervescent west coast visioning all breezily purred in Byrds-esque motifs coolly kissed in Will Sergeant styled riff opines, the latter a Meek-esque strut cut beauty refined and flavoured in twanging flotillas that shimmer tones and echoes to the Pirates and Del Shannon. Elsewhere there’s the mournful ‘alone in this room’ that’s guaranteed to tug the heart strings spun as it is by the same mercurial out of step grooving of Rob Clarke and the Wooltones. All said favoured moment of the set is the Shannon-esque ‘girl in the park’ as it cuts to the quick tempered by smoking cool country purrs and the quivering glare of ghosting gunslingers shot down by the arrow of love.
The Sunday Experience

¡Vuelven (The) Pale Lights! ¡Estupendo, estupendo, estupendo! El cuarteto conformado por Philip Sutton (vocalista y compositor principal del grupo), Andy Adler, Maria Pace y Lisa Goldstein (chica a la batería: si es que no se puede molar más) vuelven a la carga cuando apenas hemos terminado de maravillarnos con las canciones del soberbio “Before There Were Pictures“, y he aquí que ponen en circulación un EP titulado “Séance For Something“: cuatro canciones nuevecitas y radiantes que entusiasmarán, seguro, a todos los que disfrutaron con el jangle-pop de los neoyorquinos en su debut en largo. El tracklist es el que sigue:

“Mother Cries”
“Girl In The Park”
“Alone In This Room”

y la producción, una vez más, vuelve a estar en manos de -The Ladybug Transistor, ahí es nada- Gary Olson. Y si ya nos gustaban los Pale Ligths, ahora diría que nos van a gustar aún más: a las exquisitas guitarras y las maravillosas melodías se agregan detalles como los de este saxo que vais a escuchar en “Sweetheart“, quizás mi favorita del lote. ¡Qué cosa más fabulosa, ese saxo! ¡Qué corto se me hace lo de este EP, que llegue ya el segundo disco! ¡Cómo va a gustar esto que sigue a los fans de The Bats, de Felt, de Orange Juice, de The Go-Betweens, de todas esas bandas de las que (aún) se habla mucho menos de lo que merecen!
Sr. Helvetica / The Songs We Love


released May 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Pale Lights Brooklyn, New York

Pale Lights are from New York. They are Phil Sutton, Lisa Goldstein, Andy Adler, Suzanne Nienaber. and Maria Pace.

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Track Name: Mother Cries
In a moment
You’re caught off guard
Something hits you
An old postcard
The sum contents
Of a life gone
A story kept
But not passed on
It hurts you when you hear the truth

Mother cries
But no-one minds
A distant thought
Another time
You hear voices
And someone calls
They come tripping down
Wooden halls
It makes you stop
Yeah, it makes you pause

A cloudy day
When the sun broke through
No photographs
Just a passing bloom
Like a swallow
Through an empty hall
A fleeting moment
Before you’re called
By someone you never knew

It hurts you when you hear the truth
From someone you never knew
Oh, it’s ever so late
Oh, it’s ever so late
Track Name: Girl In The Park
Girl in the park
With a brittle heart
She drinks because she’s lonely
Why do you care
Why do you give a damn
This world is screwed
What’s it to you?
If I throw my life away?
I don’t give a damn
I’m used to how I am
Are you a better man?
Or are you blind?

Nothing in this life is ever simple

She knows
Just what she’s after
Gentle respite
In this half light
That comes to save her
Then go home
Talk about the neighbors
Through a haze of smoke
And a mood remote
That comes to take her
Away from here
Away from here

Tell me the truth
If it was up to you
Would you make the choices I did?
Or would you go a different way
For happiness and
Can you feel, or do you heal
Quicker than the next man?
Don’t tell me how to cope
Or how to pass the time
Leave me, I’ll be fine
In a little while

Nothing in this life was ever simple
Unless you count the times you were sinful
Track Name: Alone In This Room
I cried when you told me the truth and then
Put down the phone and began my suffering
Like you, I’ve been burned before
Why pretend, that everything is right
Just because you’re not alone at night
Oh, what the hell, I could do with a friend

Alone in this room
I feel there’s something missing
I replaced it with you
I think that I just gave in
And now that you’re gone
I can see, there’s nothing left but me

Stand up, and begin again
Dry your eyes, what were you thinking then?
You’re on your own, you always are in the end
I was lucky, to know you when I did
I was thoughtless, I was just a kid
So romantic, but just as selfish too
Track Name: Sweetheart
You are a vision
You are a fleeting lie
You’re a thing of beauty
Shot right through me
Till the day I die
You are an ideal
You are a state of mind
You’re a kind of yearning
For something better
That got left behind

And now, I see
Your face at the window
I reach, but I fail
And that is all that I know
Why can’t I just let go?

Love is an image
Before it ever begins
When you’re quite lonely
Romantic only
You’re still a kid
You were my sweetheart
You were my going home
You were the love that I had
Before all that
Back in the unknown

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