Fourteen Stories Tall / Twisting The Knife

by Pale Lights



released November 20, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Gary Olson, at Marlborough Farms Studio, Brooklyn, Summer 2014.

Mastered by Ron Harrity at Peapod Studios.

Pale Lights on this recording are:

Andrew Adler, lead guitar
Lisa Goldstein, drums
Maria Pace, bass
Philip Sutton, guitar, vocals

Suzanne Nienaber, backing vocals
Kyle Forester, keyboards

All songs by Philip Sutton

© Calico Cat (CAL005)

Perfect Indiepop from Pale Lights
It’s a bummer that I opted to take most of last week off, as if I hadn't, you’d have had this Pale Lights single spinning in your head throughout your holiday week, or your black Friday enslavement. Regardless, you’re now going to spend the next 20-30 minutes playing these two songs over and over again. It’s remarkable how quickly this band can add to their already strong catalog, having released the much needed Before There Were Pictures earlier this year. I don’t know which of the two tracks is better here, so you best listen to them both. Hoping to see this on a vinyl release, but for now it’s just a digital single you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as possible.

Brooklyn's Pale Lights released Before There Were Pictures, an LP of chiming, jangling guitar pop in May. When I discovered it in July, I opined that it was one of the better jangle pop albums of the year (review here), and nothing since then has dissuaded me from that view. The quartet probably could have be forgiven if they rested on the laurels of that release, but instead they are closing out the year with a fine two-track single, Fourteen Stories Tall / Twisting the Knife.

For me, the obvious touchstones are the Go-Betweens and some of the early Flying Nun bands such as The Bats. Both songs have bright tones and appealing melodies, although the lyrics paint a different picture. "Fourteen Stories Tall" advises a woman to leave a man that doesn't treat her right, while "Twisting the Knife" asks a man why he hasn't left a woman who has done him wrong. Great stuff, and a great little digital single that will brighten your holiday season for $2.
When You Motor Away


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Pale Lights Brooklyn, New York

Pale Lights are from New York. They are Phil Sutton, Lisa Goldstein, Andy Adler, Suzanne Nienaber. and Maria Pace.

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Track Name: Fourteen Stories Tall
You live on a mattress of wire
You’ve built a funeral pyre
The dirt will drag you in
Now he's gone
The grass is yellowing hay
White clapboard turned to gray
Dust lies upon the seats
Where you kissed

Yet you don’t know him
So why do you love him?
You can move on if you care
For yourself and your sake
Before it is too late
This house is not born of despair
These things are not yours
They don’t care

The mote sinks and rises too
Insects now shadow you
Nothing can ever
Stay the same
Shattered glass lies under foot
It hurts then when you look
You see the past
And what is done

14 stories tall
And yet you cannot see it
14 stories tall
And yet you can’t belong
You’ve seen it out of the window
You’ve heard about it in songs
And books that talk about you
Describing lives gone wrong
Track Name: Twisting The Knife
Twisting the knife
Can’t you forgive her?
Will you move on?
Can you forgive her?
Stuck in the past isn’t real
It’s not how you feel
What is wrong?

Nothing was done
In the bigger picture
You won in the end
I know that you miss her
Lost in your thoughts will reveal
Something that’s real
That is gone

You play to the crowd
When maybe you shouldn’t
Vindication’s what you need
But it rings hollow
It’s so wooden
Won't you give in, please?

Twisting the knife
Can’t you forgive her
Twisting the knife
Why do you hate her?

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